Our Servers

High Performance Servers

As our client base grows larger, we strive to continuously improve our network technologies to ensure your transactions will be processed instantaneously via our server to liquidity providers.

Gigabyte Network Transfer

GFX trades hundreds of orders each day, therefore prices has to be steadily stream in real-time without lapse. We understand speed of data transmission is very important in today’s online trading, we adapt that by using high-end technology to ensure the quotes is running smoothly to our clients without missing or delay in data transmission.

Encrypted Data Transfer

Your personal data and transaction to banks via GFX are private and will be kept confidential. Sensitive data transferred through the network cloud (internet) will be easily exposed to exploiters; therefore, GFX is committed to safeguard the safety of our clients’ information. Traders are able to transact safely without concern as all data transferred via the network cloud is encrypted with (SSL) 128 bit technology.