GoldFX welcomes the partnership of Money Managers, if you wish to manage your client’s fund by using GoldFX as your trading partner, please send us an email to [email protected].co expressing your intentions. After necessary reviews of your request we will be happy to guide you through the process and provide instruction on how you can manage your client’s fund via our advanced Money Management Manager system
The key features and benefits for GoldFX MAM system and Money manager programs are:
We provide you with GoldFM MAM where it offers a few allocation types to suit the Money Manager needs.

  • The MAM will provide you with the ability to trade all of your accounts via one master account on the GoldFX platform.
  • The Money Manager can disable or enable any investor accounts
  • The opportunity to trade under Prime Account conditions
  • Customized Allocation type for qualified Money Managers

*Please note that in order for a money manager to use the GoldFX MAM System, the minimum aggregated fund is $10,000 and there must be 3 accounts registered at any time. The individual account deposits must have a minimum of $1000 when the account is opened.

*Note: Money Manager has to fulfill minimum lots size each month.

*Money Manager and clients must sign the POA stated the terms of payment and condition agreed between both parties.