MAM stands for Multi-Account Manager, which is a software that helps managers with the allocation methods or let them trade each account with different conditions using one platform. Managed accounts use software that operates with MT4.

Introducing the GFX Multi-Account Manager

With this latest technology, you’ll have access to:

  • Client-side software which allows you to adjust trading parameters.
  • Unlimited trading accounts
  • “Group Order” execution from the main control screen
  • Partial close of orders by master account execution
  • Full Stop-Loss, Take Profit and Pending order functionality
  • Each sub-account has an output to screen report
  • Live order management including Profit and Loss
  • 3 allocation methods – Lot, Percentage, Proportional
  • Overview of open trades, balances and margin levels for each account.
  • Trades – Full and Mini Lot accounts for best allocation advantage
  • Provides Daily and Monthly client reports through MetaTrader 4 Manager
  • Monitor commissions and performance in real-time
  • Access to our MAM technology
  • Back-office support

How MAM works?

Example, a Money Manager has 4 clients, with various deposits which, in total, amount to 100 000 USD.

Investor A – 30 000 USD (30%)
Investor B – 5 000 USD (5%)
Investor C – 15 000 USD (15%)
Investor D – 50 000 USD (50%)

He performed well and creates profit at its account to the amount of 15 000 USD. This profit will be divided among the investors, according to a certain percentage. The trader takes a certain performance fee – for example, 30% of the profits (4 500 USD). The rest (10 500 USD) will then be divided among the investors:

Investor A – profit of 3 150 USD (30% of 10 500 USD)
Investor B – profit of 525 USD (5% of 10 500 USD)
Investor C – profit of 1 575 USD (15% of 10 500 USD)
Investor D – profit of 5 250 USD (50% of 10 500 USD)

In this way, all trades are carried out, both the profit-making and loss-making ones. The profit or loss is always divided for each trade separately.

In you are interested to use the MAM, you must meet certain requirements, please E-mail us at [email protected]