GFX Robot (EA) is another solution for us to invest for our VIP clients, executing trades signals from our GFX Robot (EA) to all our clients’ accounts at the same time. This is to protect the clients account individually and also customize the risk appetite and tolerance of each client. Its synchronization rate is 400ms, which means it will check for updates across all accounts two times every second. This is extremely fast and you can even make it faster with the VIP license.


  Other Companies Robot GFX ROBOT (EA)


May be unstable and miss trades due to terminal errors or connection errors. Some companies will close trades that are above or below market levels. This is dangerous for your balance. Protects you from losing money especially when there are unexpected MT4 terminal errors. If the program cannot open/close the order due to connection issues, it will try later. It is a responsive and reactive Robot.

Is it easy to use and transparent?

Time consuming, hard to install, usually require manual installation (you have to download experts yourself and some of the orders are not transparent and many “black box model that hides trades. Fast, automatic installation of experts on charts (takes only few clicks for us to install into your account for you and you can view it ‘Live’).

MT4 technicality issues

Some companies due to their trade processing function, may not work with other ECN brokers, brokers with different names of the same currency pair (e.g., EURUSD -> EURUSDfx). Therefore causing orders not being done between their prime brokers which work in different time zones. Our powerful GFX Robot (EA) works with any modification of the MT4 platform from our brokers, which gives us wide opportunities in choosing any broker to work with.

  • The program can work if Source and Receiver platforms are in different time zones
  • The program can work when Source or Receiver (or both) platforms have different suffixes or prefixes in currency pair name, symbol names are adjusted automatically.


Most EA don’t have wide range of functions; they provide only trade the basic methods and give you no chance to adjust the process like you need. That is OK when you just want 0.5~1% return, but if you want more returns without harming your capital then these public EA cannot do the job for you. Our GFX Robot (EA) gives us complete freedom of tracking the market directions.
The Robot trades 4 currency pairs, applying different lot size when the market is trending or choppy while applying custom riskmanagement. In other words, such customization allows us to produce fairly good dividends for our clients.


Usually after sales of EA, they don’t provide customers support or this support isn’t helpful enough. (You can download these EA and don’t know what to do with them, how to install them etc or you don’t have enough information on how they function. We ensure you obtain excellent customer support from our GFX customer services and technical staffs, who will do their best to resolve all issues which the customers have. If our client’s accounts do face any problems with our program, our polite support team will help them to overcome your troubles. We work to serve you better and that’s our promise to you.